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24/7 Av​ailability Emergency Services Reliably Quick Response

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Manage Your Commercial Establishment With Ease

Murphy’s Law must have been codified by a property manager. Residents of multifamily properties, much like Dave, tend to incur a lot of damage. To do a lot of unintentional damage. In addition, as hard as it may be to believe, things go wrong: malfunctioning appliances, overflowing toilets, broken pipes, floods, electrical fires—you name it! Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with these problems by yourself.

JK PROPERTY SOLUTIONS in Vancouver, Washington can be of assistance to you. We can satisfy most of your repair needs one way or another and we can help you with myriad operational tasks. In addition to our general maintenance and emergency and non-emergency repair services, we are prepared to take on the entirety of your turnover needs, including the final accounting process freeing up your time to interact with prospective new residents rather than the former ones. We can help you prepare for property inspections, create long term capital improvement plans, and one call does it all. Read through this page to have a complete grasp of our services.

General Maintenance

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  • Safety and Security Checks
  • Code Compliance Evaluations
  • ADA Compliance Evaluations

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  • Systems Testing
  • Building and Managing Maintenance Programs for Item or Items* 
  • Annual Gutter Cleaning

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  • Driveway Pressure Washing
  • Exterior Paint Touch Up
  • Fence Repairs**

General Maintenance

*Offering monthly and weekly maintenance services in-house or via a reputable and inexpensive subcontractor within 

the business network

**Any other repairs or maintenance that go along with homeownership or property management can be contracted out on an annual or semiannual basis

Turnover Services

Our company is responsible for over 125 units at the moment and we would love to add you and your properties, large or small, to our offerings. Although one-stop shopping is a possibility with us, we have been busy filling the demand for reliable, honest maintenance professionals in the area.

We do respond to our clients 24 hours a day. However, clients with platinum status receive priority response. The majority of emergencies are related to plumbing or electrical. We have several supplies at hand. Other late night/early morning calls have been connected to vandalism or lock issues which we remove, report, and respond to in an incredibly prompt manner. Nothing devalues a property like vandalism.

Landlords who have issues ranging from broken windows to tagged buildings join the ranks of our emergency services recipients. Sometimes, they just cross their fingers and call. For those who believe that contracting our emergency services may be beneficial, we have three contractual options for you to choose from.

We have our full-service platinum option, the perfectly adequate gold package, and the economical bronze package. You get to set the terms for the results you want. For more information and a brochure regarding the three packages, give us a ring.

Turnover Services

We provide full-service turnovers. Our team will perform the final accounting work in a timely manner. All we require from you is that you provide us with the check in and check out forms along with the dates, any before and after pictures, and any refundable deposit amount.

Most contractors are not aware of the 14- to 21-day timeframe in which an owner is required to provide the final accounting or risk damages. Having a third party perform turnover work for you prevents headaches and removes liability from the property owner, freeing up more time for yourself.

Turnover services are contingent on budget. They can improve clientele and raise rental rates. Upon request, we are happy to provide options and bids for various capital improvements that can be deducted from your federal income taxes.

Turnover tasks, other than those mandated by law, such as changing the locks upon departure, will be done at the discretion of the owner, landlord, property manager, or any other agent acting on their behalf.

In addition to meeting the legal functional and descriptive requirements, it is almost always recommended that the unit and its carpets undergo professional cleaning. A fresh coat of paint or accent walls may also be installed as a great way to attract applicants.

Operations and Consultations

Coming Soon

Renovations and Capital Improvements

• Painting • Siding • Decking • Roofing • Paving

Project Management

If you do not understand or are having problems helping stakeholders understand a major project, then let us help you. We have the professionals who can give you and your stakeholders all the information you need to know.